Welcome to my lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring women in their 40’s to cultivate the life they really want to live. If you are in your 40’s, turning 40 soon, or 40 curious, then this corner of the Internet is for you!

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Cultivate | cul·​ti·​vate : to foster the growth of; to give special attention to; to improve by labor, care, or study. Join me on this journey and let’s cultivate life together.

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I believe women in their forties are in the perfect time of their lives to cultivate the life they really want to live. By age forty, women have experienced love and heartache, good times and bad times. We’ve been through trauma and pain. We’ve worked amazing and horrible jobs. We have connected spiritually, and we are finally at a place where we know what we like, and more importantly, what we don’t like. Now it’s time to get what we want!

The problem is, many of us want more out of life but aren’t sure how to get the life we want to live. Well, you can’t “get it” you have to “cultivate it” for yourself. After 40 we are at a unique point in life where we are perfectly positioned to draw from life experiences and all we have learned—and apply it to intentionally cultivate the life we want to live, now!

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I am a full-time reseller who loves recycling and flipping fashion merchandise. Let me teach you how to resell like a boss! Follow this section of my blog to learn how I cultivate life through my resell business, and how you can too.


Cultivating the live you want to live is not going to magically happen. You will have to put in the work to make the things happen in your life that you desire. I’ll share my journey to cultivate life, helpful resources, and recommendations to support your journey.


Education is a key element to getting where you want to be in life. It doesn’t always require a traditional or formal education. There are many ways to learn. I’ll share my education journey to becoming a professor, valuable research, and ways that we can all learn and grow together as women in our 40’s.


How we present ourselves to the world has a lot to do with style and how we feel. If you want to reinvent your style-- you are in the right place. Dressing in your 40’s can be a challenge. We can no longer dress like were 21 but also don’t want to dress like an old lady. So let’s talk about it and cultivate style together!


Travel is a huge part of who I am and what I love. Traveling expands your worldview and provides the opportunity to learn new things, create adventures, and to see in real life how expansive and diverse the world is. My Wanderlust has increased in the last few years and I am always ready to hit the airport and see what the world has to offer. Let’s cultivate the travel life we want to live together!


Wellness takes on a whole new meaning in your 40’s. Things we took for granted in our 20’s and 30’s have manifested themselves in ways we may not have anticipated once we hit 40. Here you’ll find all things related to getting and staying healthy. I’ll discuss my wellness journey and topics like fitness, mental health, and overall wellness. I share my triumphs and struggles—including the autoimmune disease I live with and how I manage it day to day.