Hi, Beautiful! I’m Melissa


Welcome to my lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring women in their 40’s to cultivate the life they really want to live. I’m a 40-something blogger, storyteller, and social scientist, here to share and discuss how to cultivate the life you want to live after 40. If you are in your 40’s, turning 40 soon, or 40-curious, then this corner of the Internet is for you!

We’ll talk about information and brand recommendations that encourage women to be stylish and present themselves to the world confidently. I do this by providing curated content that empowers women to cultivate their own path in life and by sharing resonate life experiences, research, and drops of 40-something wisdom that can support you on your journey.


Since we’re talking about life journeys, let me share with you where I am at in my life journey. After 22 years of working in the traditional workplace, I’ve embarked on an adventure to cultivate what I really want to do, which is-- work for myself and run my own business full-time. I recently completed my PhD dissertation and after 5 years of focusing on school, I’m ready to get my social life back and cultivate the things, experiences, and relationships I want in my life! So basically, you are not on this journey alone—we will cultivate life together!

I love fashion and I’m an educator at heart so I walk the line between style, teaching, and research. I am a Black woman who experiences life at the intersection of my German and American identity. I enjoy cultural experiences and love to travel.

Join me in cultivating the life you really want to live!


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Get to know me a little better.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Any beach in the Caribbean

Do you have a fur baby?

Yes—A Dachshund

Where would you love to travel?

Nappa Valley, Marrakech, and Istanbul, and Sydney

Who is your style icon?

Rhianna and Sarah Jessica Parker

What is your favorite cuisine?


What languages do you speak?

English & German

How long have you been a natural curly girl?

Since 2016