4 Ways to wear your naturally curly hair in your 40s

I’m about 2 months away from my 3-year curl-aversary-- when I transitioned to my naturally curly hair. What is that you say? It’s when Black women decide they no longer want to conform to societal beauty standards, and they transition from straight processed hair back to their natural curly hair. Some grow it out—others chop it off! I did a mix of both. It’s a personal decision and women do it for many different reasons.

For me, I was ready for a change and I stopped chemically relaxing my hair in May 2016, just before I turned 40, and in December 2016 I cut off all my straight ends leaving me with my natural curly hair. The last 3 years have been a learning experience in how to take care of my naturally curly hair after having a relaxer ever since I was a little girl.

I’ve watched 100’s of how-to YouTube videos and I was a product junkie for the first year. I was so overwhelmed at all the natural hair care products on the market. There were so many choices and I wasn’t sure which ones were going to work for my hair. I also had to relearn how to style my hair since my hair had been straight for 20+ years. It’s taken me 3 years, but I think I have finally nailed down the hairstyles and products that work best for me.

Black women laughing with natural curly hair
Wash and Go Natural Hairstyle with Top Knot

Wash and Go hairstyle. This is one is probably my favorite, but it is not as fast to achieve as the name implies. To achieve this look after washing and conditioning, I section off my hair and start from the back --using the shingling method—with my fingers to get defined curls. I coat each section with water and then the Camille Rose Curl Maker and then shingle each section. The front section I twist into a top knot and use a small bobby pin to hold it in place. I let it air dry about 50-60 percent of the way and the rest I dry with cool air using the diffuser.


The Curly Puff. This is the easiest and fastest curly hairstyle I wear. I follow the same steps above for the Wash and Go hairstyle (leave out the topknot). Once I have added the product, I hold my head down and flip all my hair forward. Then I use (believe it or not) a knee-high stocking by wrapping up my hair and holding my curl puff in place. I’ve tried so many different hair ties and I find the stocking to work the best!

African American woman with curly ponytail sitting down reading her phone
Curly Puff Natural Hairstyle

Finger Coils. I love this hair style, but it takes forever to style! Literally all day! I follow the same directions of the Wash and Go hairstyle except-- instead of using the shingling method I twist small sections of hair around my finger. I start from the back and work my way to the front. I usually watch Netflix while doing this style.

Black woman modeling natural protective hairstyle
Finger Coils Natural Hairstyle

2-Strand Twist Out. I don’t do this style as often because it’s requires two days and I don’t always have the time to create this style. There may be a better way to do it, but I found this process to cause little to no frizz. I use different products for this style. After washing and conditioning I add Cantu Leave in Conditioning repair cream. Next, I section off my hair and work from back to front. Create 2-strand twists all over my head using Cantu moisturizing twist and lock. I let this airdry and go to bed.

Black women with curly hair
2 Strand Twist Out Natural Hairstyle

The next morning, I use the spray bottle to wet my hair while still in the twists—no soak and wet, just a midst. I know a lot of people use oil to untwist their stands, but I find water keeps my hair from frizzing better than oil. After misting my hair with water, I start form the back and untwist each twist. I add a little bit of the Cantu Wave Whip Curling Mousse. When I get to the ends of each strand I curl the ends around my finger like I do with the finger coils. I let this style air dry because heat makes it frizz.


Would you try any of these naturally curly hair styles? How do you style your curly hair? Post below in the comments.

Xo, Melissa


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