5 Reasons Taking Beach Vacations in your 40’s is a must

As we near the unofficial end of Summer, I’m reminiscing on my beach vacation earlier this Summer to Bimini, Bahamas. It’s one of my favorite beaches because it is remote, desolate, and the water is pristine. Basically, there are very few people and not much to do—but relax. For me, beach vacations fall into the category of self-care. It’s an opportunity to unwind, recharge, and regain clarity. I’m a fish out of water and I find the sounds and sights of the ocean calming and refreshing. I’ll always take the ocean over a pool.

A Trip Vs. A Vacation

To me a trip comes with an itinerary. There is nothing wrong with trips, its just that they are not very relaxing because your time is accounted for from dusk to dawn. Growing up in Europe I learned early on how to take a true vacation—which means you’re traveling somewhere to take a break from the real world. My first vacation as a kid was to Alicante, Spain. It was the first time I went snorkeling, and despite getting all scrapped up in the rocks on the coast—I was hooked. Beach vacay’s are my jam!

5 Reasons you should be taking beach vacations

1. A beach vacation allows you to disconnect. Well, sort of. My last beach vacations to Bimini, Grand Cayman, and Aruba, all had wi-fi on the beach. So unless you are completely off the grid you likely will still be able to access the internet. Hopefully you’ll be in the ocean most of the time so you can truly disconnect from technology. At a minimum, take days off work so you’re not expected to take phone calls and respond to emails. I would always request PTO when I was still working in the traditional workplace. I never do work on vacation because it defeats the purpose. I disconnected so successfully that when I returned to work, I would have to be reminded of my computer login information.

2. A beach vacation is relaxing. There is something so relaxing about laying on a lounge chair on the beach, under a palapa with your beverage of choice in hand. Swimming and floating in the ocean are just as relaxing and therapeutic. I love Bimini because the water is so still and calm. The only drama is when someone sees a 6-foot manta ray or a shadow that could be a shark, and waves or points to notify everyone in the water. My friend had to do this to warn me of a shadow she saw while I was in the ocean. It turns out it was a stingray, but I’m a pretty fast swimmer—at least when I’m I’m scared, lol. As scary as it sounds, it makes for great stories to tell about your beach vacation!

3. You can finally catch up on that novel you’ve been wanting to read. The best place to delve into a juicy novel is on the beach. I can usually read a book or two while on a beach vacation. You read until you get too hot, then you go take a swim in the ocean, order food and a drink, and continue reading. Repeat this all day long. That’s the perfect beach vacation for me. I might take a little nap in between as well. I can do this every day of vacation!

4. Your body needs a break. Since I turned 40, my body just doesn’t move the same as it used to. A beach vacation is not only relaxing for your mind-- but also for your body. It is the perfect time to allow your body to physically relax and rest. I typically don’t workout while I am on vacation for this very reason. I totally check out and the only thing I want to lift is my arm to sip a frozen margarita. After a beach vacation not only is my mind refreshed, but so is my body. I’m energized and my body is ready to get back in the gym once I make it home.

5. You need to make self-care a priority in your 40’s. As women we are natural care takers. We take care of everyone all the time. Being caring is a virtuous quality to have, but at some point you must fill your cup back up. That is hard to do when you are constantly going, always on the move, always doing, building, working, creating, and care taking. At some point you need to take care of yourself. Finding time for self-care is a must! I recommend you plan a beach vacation to relax and recharge. Once you’ve reached your 40’s we are at a tipping point where we began to realize how important it is to take care of our well being and health. So be intentional—and plan to take a beach vacation to recharge!

Bimini is a small island in the Bahamas. The Hilton is the only branded hotel on the tiny island but it’s very easy to get to from the airport. To get to the Hilton you’ll take a taxi ride in a van from the South Bimini airport to the ferry dock. From the dock you’ll take a quick ferry ride (10 minutes) which drops you off directly at the Hilton.

Have you ever taken a beach vacation just to relax and recharge? How did it support your self-care? Post below in the comments below I’d love to hear from you!




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