Cultivating travel in your 40's

There is no better time to travel than in your 40’s! It used to be that travel was very expensive but with AirBnB, VRBO, and credit card travel miles, travel can be less expensive than you expect it to be. If you plan far enough in advance you can find cheap flights on websites like The Flight Deal even if you don’t have credit card points and air miles. Start small if you need to and travel domestically first—it doesn’t take much to get bitten by the wanderlust bug!

3 Reasons you should travel in your 40’s

There will never be a right time to travel. As with most things in life we always try to find the right timing to do the big things in life. The truth is, there will never be a perfect time to travel. It’s something that you just have to make the decision to do and then make it happen. That’s what cultivating life is all about—make the decision and do it.

Strasbourg, France

Expand your world view. Growing up in Germany blessed me with the opportunity to experience travel and develop a worldview. I had the opportunity to travel to places like Brussels, Luxembourg, Prague, London and Spain all before I was 14. These experiences gave me an expansive view of the world and a desire to see as much of the world as possible.

Expose your children to travel. For those of us without kids, this includes nieces/nephews, Godchildren, and mentees. Think of travel as an opportunity to expose children to different cultures and new experiences. Even if you can’t take them with you, sharing pictures and videos of your adventures is an opportunity to teach them new things and cultivate wanderlust in them.

All this talk of travel has me reminiscing about my day trip to Strasbourg, France with my brother two years ago while visiting family in Germany. It was about a 2-and-a-half hour drive from my mother’s house to Strasbourg and we spent the day exploring the city and the spectacular Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg.

In our 20’s and 30’s we are so busy with life and work that we forget to do the things we desire and love. While I have been traveling over the years, I haven’t traveled as much as I’ve wanted to, and I am ready to make it a priority. Let’s cultivate travel together!

What city do you want to travel to and why? Post in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!




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