Everything you Need to Know about Posh Authenticate

Updated: Oct 6

Are you interested in selling designer merchandise on Poshmark? Then you need to familiarize yourself with the authentication process called Posh Authenticate, Poshmark’s luxury authentication service. This process ensures that items you are selling are authentic so buyers can shop with confidence, because no one wants to purchase a knock off.

As a reputable seller, you don't want to knowingly sell a knock off of a designer item. I say “knowingly” because replica designers have become more and more skilled at creating knockoff designer bags, shoes, accessories, and clothing which can initially make the items seem authentic. This leads me to the first step in the authentication process: YOU! You are the first line of defense in verifying authenticity of products you are selling on Poshmark.

Whenever you list a designer item, you need to first verify that it’s real. Obviously if you are selling your own item that you purchased directly from a designer brand, then you know that its authentic. However, as a reseller you are likely sourcing designer products so you need to first conduct your due diligence to verify the item as authentic. Make sure you check out my blog post: 6 Tips for Selling Luxury items on Poshmark for additional details on how to do this and my experience selling my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag on Poshmark.


Posh Authenticate only applies to items listed at $500 or more. Therefore, any item listed for less than $500 will NOT go through the Posh authentication process. There are pros and cons to not going through the Posh Authenticate process. I will go into more detail on the by-passing of Posh Authenticate in a future blog post.

If you are listing an item for $500 or more, then Posh Authenticate is applied automatically. There is nothing you need to do on your part as the seller, and there is nothing the buyer needs to do. When a buyer purchases your designer merchandise you will receive a notification and an email indicating that your sale qualifies for Posh Authenticate. The email will include a pre-paid and pre-addressed shipping label just like any other sale, except that the recipient's address will be to the Poshmark offices. So you are actually mailing the order to Poshmark and not directly to the buyer.

Here is what the email looks like:

Once Poshmark receives the order, their team of luxury experts will review your item and confirm authenticity. It took about 1 day for me to hear back about the review of my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag. Once the review has been completed you'll receive another email from Poshmark confirming authentication.

Poshmark also emails the buyer to let them know if the product they have purchased is authentic. Lastly, Poshmark repacks your item and mails it directly to the buyer—it does not come back to you first. Your earnings from the sale will post the same way it does for a regular order.


Watch my IGTV video to learn about what happened when I sold my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bag and the issue that arose while Poshmark was conducting their authentication review. Stay tuned to the end where I share a story about someone I know who purchased a knockoff item on Poshmark!

Selling designer merchandise on Poshmark is fairly easy and increases your margins and revenue. I highly recommend it, but not until you are prepared to going through the Posh Authenticate process and until you review my 6 Tips for Selling Luxury items on Poshmark.

What questions do you have for me about Posh Authenticate? Post your questions to the comments area below and I will respond. I look forward to hearing from you!




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