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How to Dress in your 40's

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Many women in their 40's worry about dressing too immature or like they don't want to let go of their youth. The truth is you can dress however you want, no matter your age. Some of the most stylish women I admire are over forty years old! In this post I share 3 tips for dressing in your 40's. I've always been a fashion lover and use clothes to express my personality and my style. Once I hit forty, something changed, and style became even more important to me.

I love a good dress. In the Spring and Summer I am all about the maxi dress. But once Fall and Winter roll around, I am all about a chic and cozy sweater dress. What I love about this sweater dress is that it's the perfect example of how you can be sophisticated and sexy in your 40's.

This dress has a form fitting silhouette that also allows for comfortable movement. The color block design provides a slimming look, and the length is perfect for showing off high knee boots. Adding tall boots to a dress or skirt, that is at just about knee length, creates the illusion that you are covered up more than you really are--while still looking classy.

Add a lippie color that compliments your outfit along with a statement earring and your outfit is set for a date night, brunch with your girlfriends, or dinner with friends.



These boots are a pair of my faves. I love them because they are sock boots which means the the entire outer sole is made of a cotton-spandex blend material that pulls on just like a pair of socks. These boots also stretch; solving the issue of wider calves that many tall boots don't accommodate.


1. Create your own authentic style. The best thing about being forty-something is you no longer care about what people think (at least you shouldn't). So create the style that you want to have!

2. Don't shop at the same store as your daughters or your nieces. There are so many amazing places to shop in your 40's! Upgrade your style and stay away from stores that only cater to a younger demographic. Here are some of my favorites:




Amazon Fashion

Free People


3. Follow style blogs (like this one) that cater to women in their 40's for style ideas. Also follow Instagram accounts of 40-something fashion lovers. You can find them by following the these hashtags on IG: over40fashion, styleover40, and fashionover40


What are your thoughts about dressing in your 40's? Post in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!












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