How to Find your Personal Style after 40

Finding your personal style at any age can be challenging, but in your 40's you may have found that you let yourself go a bit. Not to mention we've been working for the last 20-25 years and nothing dampens your stye like having to dress professionally in the workplace, or in a uniform, everyday. Or maybe you've been a stay-at-home mom raising your children for the last 18 years and lost your personal style. And finally, sometimes life is just too busy and too crazy to figure out our style for the stage of life we are in.

At 44 I am in a season of life where my style is changing and I've slowly been building a new wardrobe. This outfit is one I've fallen in love with. The faux leather leggings are comfy, the stiletto ankle sock booties have a reasonable heel height, and the distressed denim long coat sets off the entire outfit. I look forward to sharing different ways to wear this denim trench coat.

As you read through this post you'll see where you can shop each piece of my look.

This a black woman with natural curly hair. She is modeling a long distressed denim jacket

SHOP THE LOOK: Black Camisole Top


1. Create a Pinterest board. Use Pinterest to create an inspiration style board of outfits you love. Then start creating a shopping list based on the outfits you would like to buy. You can also create a collection on Instagram of styles you love using the "Save to collection" button.

2. Take your time. There is no rush to create a new wardrobe. It's better that you take your time so that you can build a style that you really love and really want. Like anything else, do your research. With the holidays coming up there are sure to be a lot of sales so consider that once you're ready to start purchasing.

3. You call the shots. Let's face it, at forty-something we really don't care what others think about us! This means your style can be whatever you want it to be. For additional ideas be sure to read my previous blog post: How to Dress in Your 40's

SHOP THE LOOK: Distressed Denim Long Coat

SHOP THE LOOK: Black Satchel Bag

SHOP THE LOOK: Faux Leather Leggings

SHOP THE LOOK: Maroon Sock Ankle Booties

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Have you found your personal style in your 40's? If so, how would you describe it? Post in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

xo, Melissa


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