Running the Spartan race in my 40s

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Recently my dear friend Carmen proposed that we train and compete in a mini triathlon. My first response was: No, way!

My biggest concern is that I would never survive a 1 mile swim and the 10K bike ride. I love to swim – but in the ocean, on vacation with a margarita in my hand—not swimming laps for time. I can handle the 5K. Although I loathe running, I’ve ran (ok, jogged/walked) enough 5K’s that I could manage that portion of a triathlon. The 10 mile bike ride will also be killer – insert the emoji with the eyes bulging out here.

While mulling this over, I was reminded of competing in the SPARTAN Race last year in Atlanta with my teammates from BlazeFit. If you are not familiar with the Spartan Race, it is an obstacle course race. We did the Spartan Sprint, which from what I understand is the shortest race. There is a lot of mud involved and even fire! A year ago at 42 I participated in my first Spartan Race and it was the most physically challenging thing I’d ever done. I honestly could not believe that I finished—but we all finished as a team. My trainer and teammates from my Boot Camp class were so motivating and we all helped each other throughout the course.

So while the idea of competing in a triathlon scares me, I think it is important for women in their 40’s to continue to push themselves. You don’t have to jump straight into a Spartan Race (or do it at all) but as you think about cultivating life, what are some ways that you can push yourself to do better and be better?

What I learned running the Spartan race

You can accomplish more than you think you can. No matter what obstacle is faced before you, there are multiple ways to overcome it. In the Spartan race, you can tackle the obstacle yourself (like climbing over a wall), you can get help from your friends, or you can do 30 burpees. In other wards there are multiple way to overcome the obstacles before you. All you need is a to enact a little problem-solving.

Preparation is key. Before starting any endeavor, you have to prepare. Putting yourself in situations that you haven’t prepared for will lead to failure. There is no way to get through the Spartan race with out first training for it. The race was grueling and if I went in cold I never would have finished. I also had to be prepared for my team so that I wouldn’t let them down.


Sports have always been a metaphor for life to me. The process of training, competing, and finishing in sports is transferable to life. If you can train for a race – you can train for other things in life that you want to accomplish. I’m leaning towards doing this triathlon, but I’ll keep you posted on what I decide!

How have you pushed yourself recently? Post below in the comments.




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