As a Top Seller on Poshmark, Poshmark Ambassador, and a PoshFest 2020 Speaker, I will use my expertise at reselling and running a business to conduct a thorough review audit of your Poshmark closet to help you increase sales! I will complete a downladable report for you with a checklist of changes you can make to improve your Poshmark Business. View video for more details. The Closet Audit Report will include feedback and recommendations in the following 18 areas:


  • Pricing
  • Listings & Photos
  • Listing Descriptions
  • SEO Keywords
  • Shares
  • Followers
  • Posh Parties
  • Branding
  • Listing Products
  • Love Notes
  • Ship Time
  • Seller Discounts
  • Meet the Posher Bio
  • Posher About Section
  • Story Content
  • Number of Listings
  • Past Sales
  • Customer Service


Poshmark Closet Audit: An Expert Review of your Poshmark Closet

    • Review video for more details.
    • This service is designed for Poshmark users.
    • This service does NOT require that you provide your Poshmark username and password. I will only need to know your closet name.
    • After you complete your order, you will receive an order confirmation and an email with a pdf file to download. This document has instructions for providing me with your Poshmark Closet name.